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So, if you are looking to give your property a new and fresh look, Full Nova Painting LLC is your solution!. We are the team of professional painters you need to bring comfort, elegance and a fresh coat of paint  to your home. Our painters will make sure you are proud of the final results! We are committed to all the people who believe and trust in our work, our main objective is to exceed the expectations of our customers.

At Full Nova Painting LLC, our team of professional and Qualified painters has more than 8 years of experience in this field and will make sure to improve the interior and exterior appeal of your home. We provide exceptional service, we work as a team to bring comfort and elegance to your home, we carry out interior and exterior painting in Stuart, FL and its surroundings with Quality,Responsibility, and Warrantee.

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To hire our team, we require people with at least 2 years of experience in the paint industry, however, we do not deny you the opportunity if you want to learn the trade since we want to contribute to our community by providing work to those who need it, taking into consideration that the new collaborators are accompanied by 2 professionals in the work area. Full Nova Painting LLC is your local, owned and family-operating company, which provides professional residential and commercial painting services, interior and exterior, we work in Martin County, Saint Lucie County, and West  Palm Beach County.

We are characterized by our high sense of responsibility and honesty. Our 8 years of experience have allowed us to carry out numerous exterior and interior painting works with high quality finishes and long-lasting results. The use of high quality paints and durability guarantees the best finish. Exceeding the expectations of our customers who have trusted FULL NOVA PAINTING LLC. We work with honesty, quality and responsibility.


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    Useful Tips Before You Paint Your Home Or Business

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    Before starting your exterior painting project, we recommend a full pressure wash to remove dust, grease and mold. Keep in mind that pressure washing can be carried out on exterior surfaces, such as exterior walls, perimeter walls, rails, fences, driveway, walkway and more.

    Check for imperfections such as, cracks, stains, holes, blemishes, and so on.

    Repair the holes and rub the imperfections and marks, using the proper tools.  Our professional painters can help you fix any trace of imperfections.

    If you are painting cabinets, doors, wooden shelves, or any other piece of furniture, you may need to apply primer, and putty and sand those surfaces a little to ensure a more uniform and flawless finish at the time of painting.

    Cleaning at work is very important, to obtain a satisfactory final result, before starting to paint you must cover everything around with paper or plastic, Cover with paper or plastic the areas that you do not want to stain, you can also use white tape or blue tape. Always take into account that each tape is for different surfaces, it is advisable to talk to an expert for better advice.

    Use a tray with ramp, this will help you distribute the paint evenly on the roller.

    Paint along the molding with a suitable brush, to make a good cut. Or use a paint sprayer for a fine finish. Paint the upper and lower areas of the walls along the molding. We recommend working in small sections to get better results.

    Paint the ceiling and finally paint your walls. There is a reason why you should do it in this particular order. Trust us when we say that order matters when it comes to professional painting for your home. We are your solution